Trivia Wars is looking for Trivia Writers

If you want to make extra money doing independent contract work writing trivia questions where you will have specific trivia writing tasks to accomplish in a given time frame --
then writing trivia is a great opportunity for you.

Our company is looking TODAY for good writers that have excellent writing and spelling skills, can pay strict attention to detail, can follow instructions, can deliver on-time what they promise. This could work out for the best writers to be a source for income for years to come as "Trivia Keeps Happening". We have varying needs each week/month. We may not have work for you immediately but we build up a pool of qualified writers to offer tasks as they are needed.

  • Each writing task is paid by the question you write. The more you write ... the more you make.

  • We pay for each trivia question that is written and accepted based on our published needs and requirements - You can not earn money for writing questions you are not assigned to by our company.

  • Pay is sent out once a month. Work completed between the first and 30th of the month will have a check sent on the 7th of the following month.

  • You will be an independent contractor so you are responsible for your own taxes.

  • You will be offered tasks based on your expertise and availability when tasks arise. We get new jobs in every day.

  • We are looking for fast workers who can take a category/subject/task and create the needed amount (usually 5 - 100) of questions from the easy and obvious to the difficult..


    To be become a writer here at Trivia Wars you must follow these instructions completely... following instructions is critical as this will prove that you can do the type of job we need done.

    1) Register For Free here at and fill in the writer section part of the registration form - very important are the items on how many hours a week you can work writing trivia and when you can start.

    2) Play at least 20 games of Trivia Wars trivia (free) so you understand how our game is played and the type of content we have/use.

    3) Read the GOLDEN RULES on our question submission page so you fully understand what we require when submitting trivia questions.

    4) We need to test your writing skill as along with your ability to understand our Golden Rules for writing.

    We would like you to submit at least 5 original trivia questions in the system on any subject so we can review your abilities to write and follow our golden rules. Select any category in the selection drop down form on our "Question Submission System" inside of Trivia Wars to write your 5 questions. You must choose one of the categories you find in this drop down list.

    • All 5 questions must be in the same category.
    • You must always use full names in questions and factoids.
    • You can not use phrases like he, she, they, the song, the band, etc.... in the factoids, factoids must be complete stand-alone statements written so that if it is read all by itself it makes complete sense and is not dependent on the question being there.
    • Factoids and questions can not be written so they will become outdated and wrong as time passes and new events occurs.
    • Factoids must include NEW INFORMATION so that it is not just a restatement of the facts in the question and answer.
    • All Answers Must Be Written In Title Case Just Like This Sentence. Questions and Factoids follow standard sentence rules.
    • You must proof your questions once you write them to correct all misspellings and typos and errors.

    Your ability to follow our GOLDEN RULES instructions and write creative questions as instructed will determine if you qualify to be a paid writer here.

    5)Once you write your 5+ questions it would be to your extreme benefit for you to proof your written questions in our writing history inside of your Personal History Page where you can call up your submitted questions and edit them. We are looking for writers that can write questions without typos, spelling mistakes and that are creative. We really need to see questions that are more then "What year was John Lennon born?" or Where was George Harrison born?" or "What is Elton Johns' birth name?".

    6) We will review your questions and email you back our comments and whether you have successfully followed our instructions and have written the type of questions that prove your ability to write creative questions. This usually takes between 24-72 hours to review and reply to you.

If this sounds right for you.... Get started today! We look forward to working with you.


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